So I left you on my newfound love of gym activity and settling into a summer of dissertation-writing and hopes of another month spent catching some rays under a Venetian sunset. Well, things have worked out in a completely different way and I’m equally, if not more grateful for how things panned out.

I got a job! I am officially employed as of July 23rd as a business intelligence analyst for a pharmaceutical research company. It sounds complicated, but I hope it won’t be as hard as it appears. The role is very interesting, it consists of writing reports that offer insight to healthcare companies about the pharmaceutical market, customer needs, and ways to make greater profits and cater to the audience more effectively. I used my journalism experience to emphasise my skills in writing and research, and my Biochemistry knowledge to explain that I have a deep interest in pharmacology and human disease. It makes me evermore grateful that I travelled Italy, did a year abroad in Canada and made unforgettable memories during the course of my degree before I got locked into 9-6pm full time work. I’ll miss having my summer surrounded by adorable children but it means that I can save up and visit my Italian family later this year, and chances are, I’ll be meeting my friend Monica’s newborn son Michael which is wonderfully exciting.

I had absolutely no idea that I’d find a full time permanent graduate role that suits my abilities and interests less than a year after graduating from my first degree. Much less, before I completed the course of my master’s. As you can imagine, I’m ecstatic. But as with any other major change, it requires a lot of preparation.

For my new job I will be relocating to Manchester, and the house hunt has gone from interesting to stressful to exciting. I’ve shortlisted a few properties that I’ll be going up to see soon. Simultaneously, I’m writing my dissertation and have sent drafts to my lecturer who is really pleased with the direction it’s going in. It’s just quite challenging to balance my duties at the moment. I’ve joined a gym class on Tuesday mornings I go circuit training and I’ve had a wonderful time both bonding with my fellow classmates and the instructor, Sean who is so encouraging and amusing. It feels wonderful to have my dream of moving away for work come true. I get restless if I’m not on the move in any way, shape or form so it’s great to have the chance to explore a part of the UK I’m not yet familiar with.

June collage.png

Last weekend, I met an activist, legend and long-lost sister, Megan Crabbe who is a body positivity guru who encourages people to love themselves regardless of their shape. Having recovered from an eating disorder, Megan channels that energy into helping people with their mental health and confidence issues and she does well to make sure that marginalised people are represented on her platform. The event where I met Megan was a brilliant night in Shoreditch with delicious food and amazing company. Lots of inspiring women were there and it was all-in-all a mesmerising series of talks and performances offered by the special guests. The next day, I ventured to Kew Gardens where I unlocked my inner botanist. I spent nearly three hours there taking photos of the flowers, reading about the trees and generally enjoying the serenity. Almost in contrast, I swapped the idyllic scenes for the pub where I met my lovely friend Franklin who I met at university last year, and he’s working in London now. It was great to catch up, have a laugh and watch a world cup game between Switzerland and Brazil. At the time of leaving a goal had been scored and the Italians in the pub were raucously supporting the Swiss with a very interesting commentary alongside the game.

Anyway, fingers crossed I will be finishing my dissertation within the next two weeks, get it printed and submit it in Cardiff. I think I’ll celebrate with one last night out there before I delve into the rush of buying professional work attire and sorting out housing and moving plans.

0161 Manny on the map. It’s a cultural reference.


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