This blog post title isn’t derived from a joke or a popular phrase related to the events of the past month, but rather it refers to a musical term. I’ll explain briefly that a chord is a harmony made up of two or more notes that are played together. Most chords sound quite “wholesome” and “complete” in a way that feels satisfying when played. For example, if you played this on the piano (A chord called C Major) it would sound cheery. The note pressed closest to the left side is the root/first note or “tonic”. (For this chord, the tonic is C)


There are other chords that sound more ominous.


The addition of the note to the left of the tonic produces a niggling sound that isn’t quite as joyous as the chord without that extra harmony. This type of chord is called a “seventh.” July is also the seventh month of the year.

This post is called seventh because while I am very excited for my new job in Manchester, house hunting has been nothing short of a nightmare. Weeding out appropriate rooms and landlords has been such an ordeal. I am looking for an en-suite, no more than two other housemates and a place in a safe area that’s within a 30 minute commuting distance so my whole day won’t be taken up by travelling to and from work. I’ve called, texted, emailed, physically viewed houses and everything was falling apart. One day I’d be told one thing and the next, it’d be something completely different. There were a lot of demands for immediate payments for all kinds of needless “services”. Eventually, I found an airbnb for my first week of work and I have another prospective flat I’d be interested in viewing so I think things will be easier once I live there but it’s still stressful.

I finished my dissertation in early July and got it made into a hardcover book. I decided to make my own personal copy and get my undergraduate research made into a book also. Instead of paying a delivery charge, I decided to make it a day out both to collect the books but also to stop and visit Grenfell tower, the site of a terrible fire which killed an uncountable number of people and left more homeless, distraught and grieving. It was important for me to go there, and I feel really saddened by the fact that people were allowed to perish in the way that they did.

Handin collage.png

After some reflection, I got home and got ready to go to Cardiff where I went to catch up with friends and hand in my dissertation. Indeed it was a pleasant day and breezier than the weather in London which has been slowly roasting me and supplying me with symptoms of dehydration and migraines. Regardless, I went to Timmies with my friend Rosie and had lunch there after which I met up with two friends, Ina and Gayathri.

On the way to Cardiff, I sat next to a Liberian academic who was impressed with my dissertation and suggested that I get it published after it’s been marked and I will definitely look into it. I was so pleased with his comments and they affirmed my goal which was to promote voices which haven’t been heard.

I’ve achieved a lot in a short space of time and I’m proud of the research conducted and hopefully I can pass the baton on and someone can continue listening to the voices that haven’t been heard and changing the overwhelmingly negative narrative that plagues news reports about African issues. I start my new job in exactly a week’s time and I hope I’ll be able to explore Manchester and the surrounding areas enough to make more collages and blog posts in the coming months.


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