The tribe

A few days after last month’s blog post, I was visited by Kevin and Karly, my friends from Canada who were spending a few days in the UK as part of their tour of western Europe. We headed to a fabulously decorated tea room in the city centre and were treated to a delightful collection of cakes, scones and sandwiches. Afterwards, I gave them a short walking tour of Manchester and naturally stopped off at a pub.

The following day, my close friend Charlotte invited me on a night out with her boyfriend and a few others and after some cocktails, we had great fun at three different bars in the city. The next day was a write off as I was severely hungover but Ross came over with food and helped me recover. We had brunch in the city and it was delicious.

After brunch, I saw Ross off and then went on a walk to a town called Chorlton. It was great to explore the parks there and walk along the riverbank through the town. I then went to Heaton Park where there was a transport show of old cars and buses and I treated myself to an ice cream.

At work, I’ve been writing a report about allergic diseases and the past month has basically been me on Excel going through 4698 drugs targeted towards 24 allergic indications. It’s giving me eye strain and back pain sitting in my desk chair all day so I decided to sign up to the gym.

After renewing my membership I soon started to feel fantastic as I went swimming three times and did some cardio exercises. It was short-lived however as I grew tired as the week went on. It was Ross’ birthday on the 17th of September. I bought him a cake and we celebrated quietly at home. The next day, we played mini golf and even though he won by a small margin, I put up a good fight!

I received an email from eBay that clearly appeared to be spam. I would have deleted the email without further action until I saw that payment had been charged to my bank card. I once again called the bank and had to chase up a refund and new card. This has exhausted me mentally and physically as it is so difficult to fit the time in to sort these things out when the bank closes at 5pm and I only have one hour for lunch.

I was assisted by a helpful bank manager however who sorted things out for me and I finally have access to my money again. Aside from my report, I have been writing articles once a month. The first one was about antiviral drugs being used to treat Ebola and the second piece was about anticoagulants being used in chemotherapy regimens.

In terms of cultural and historical adventures I’ve been on, I visited Manchester cathedral, art gallery and central library with Ross. Living up north has pushed me geographically further away from most of my friends and family, but it’s brought me closer to other people I saw less frequently. Additionally, a few people from uni have moved up here. It was nice to catch up with my friend Merissa who lives in Leeds as she came here for a conference. It would be great to find time to socialise and establish a new circle but I suppose these things come with time, and that’s something I seem to have little of at the moment.



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